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"Damage-Free" Equipment....

Metro Lenders Services Inc. owns all the equipment we use, and it's the ultimate in the repossession business.. our Century Express Self-Loading Wheel Lifts can actually pick up a parallel-parked car without any damage to the target car or to those in front of and behind it!

Recovery Equipment


Metro Lenders Services Inc. For all your recovery needs serving the entire Houston Metro Area

We are at the cutting edge of technology and therefore able to provide you with the best asset recovery services that are available today. Our staff has a full-time broadband connection to the Internet, so your online assignments and emails get to us in real time.. our trucks are fully equipped with radios, cellular phones and GPS links so we can tell you the status of an assignment NOW!

Metro Lenders Service Inc. repo office is located in Houston and our contact number is 713-939-REPO